Hey, thanks for stopping by. 

CityBee Wireless is owned and operated in Portland, Oregon by me, Zac Benjamin. 

I started CityBee because I believe a wireless network that is owned and maintained by regular people (instead of big telcos) is a really cool idea.

We use technology developed by Helium Inc, who is trying to build a permission-less, ubiquitous global communications network, that anyone can help build. I think people everywhere should consider participating in the effort.

But I also think there are some obstacles. Blockchain? RSSI, VSWR? Exchanges!? And what about taxes? There are so many moving parts, it’s hard to know where to start. And I know more than a few folks who’ve spent real money on the hardware only to find out it’s not quite so easy.

So CityBee Wireless is about making participation easy.

The RAK Hotspot, for use on the Helium Network is smaller than my coffee mug.

By making it easy, CityBee believes the network will grow faster and stronger. If after one month or 5 years with us you decide to invest in your own hardware, we’ll support you and even point you in the right direction. In the meantime, if you provide a little hospitality by hosting a hotspot, we’ll take care of the hard stuff. 

Zac Benjamin
October 2020