Connectivity is changing.
You can be a part of it.

Consumers today expect robust mobile internet connections wherever they are, but indoor coverage is often lacking. Wi-Fi solutions are clunky, insecure, and annoying.
CityBee Wireless delivers a new way to satisfy customers that is easy, safe, and free.

We make it easy.

Every business has its challenges. For too long, the norm was subpar Wi-Fi and cumbersome passwords. It doesn’t have to be this way. We make it easy.

Secure by design.

Our high-end hardware solution is secure by design: Only cell phone subscribers are able to connect and their service is metered.

Everyone together,
on the cutting edge.

Connectivity is king. From bars, restaurants and coffeeshops, to hardware stores and barbershops: every business with an internet connection can participate.

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Risk-free on the cutting edge

Across the US, a new mobile network is being built by people power. It’s a big, beautiful new model for building internet connectivity. By teaming up with CityBee, you get an early view into a new revenue stream for your business. It’s totally free, with zero obligations.

People power = magic.

Helium Mobile subscribers pay $5/mo for unlimited service. Coverage is provided by a combination of T-Mobile macro cells and small, WiFi cells anyone can deploy.

We bring the gear.

We’ll provide the small, quick-install hardware for free. When Helium Mobile subscribers are in your establishment, they’ll silently connect and instantly have better phone coverage.

You get an early,
inside look.

Helium Mobile is just getting started. As its subscriber base grows, you’ll have a clear view of the revenue you stand to gain when you take ownership of the hardware.

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Let’s go deeper

Helium Mobile is a new network competing for subscribers against the likes of Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile with a three-pronged approach: a radically low-cost subscription of just $5/mo for unlimited service, a token incentivized infrastructure buildout, and a big ad budget.

Subscribers to Helium Mobile
pay just $5/mo.

Helium Mobile runs on a combination of T-Mobile’s network and coverage deployed by regular people everywhere. Subscribers pay just $5/mo.

Anyone can add connectivity.

Helium Mobile is the first service provider to run on Helium 5g, a system able to support any carrier. CityBee earns $0.30/gb of data transferred, and we share that information with you. When it’s right for your business, you can take ownership of the hardware and enjoy a new revenue stream.

Big ad spend means lots of people signing up.

The fine folks behind Helium Mobile are well capitalized and ready to make their wild vision a reality. You may have see their ads, but if not you will soon.

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