Helium Hotspots for sale


  1. All units are used and come as-is. Some hotspots may have discoloration. CityBee offers no warranty of any kind and returns are issued on a very limited basis (see #4 below).
  2. We ship within 1 business day. Your order should arrive 2-3 days later.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT. There are several steps necessary for CityBee to transfer the hotspot to you.
    1. When you receive the order, you’ll need to connect the hotspot(s) to your WiFi and let the syncing process begin. Syncing may take several days.
    2. During this time you should download the Helium Hotspot app for your phone and setup an account.
    3. When the hotspot has finished syncing, we’ll ask for your account address (a long series of random letters and numbers) you can copy from within the Helium Hotspot app.
  4. If for any reason the hotspot fails to sync or latch onto the network, or we are unable to transfer ownership to you successfully, we’ll issue a refund at our sole discretion. Outside of these limited circumstances, all sales are final.